For those who’ve forgotten (i.e. everyone but me) the guy in the blue cap is wedge’s personal nemesis who pops up from time to time to make Wedges life a little bit worse. We last saw him early in ‘mission improbable’

Originally one of the ideas I had for the comic, was that without the threat of the death star hanging over them many people who wouldn’t normally have joined the rebellion would end up signing on. This would result in the rebels acquiring some… less then stellar recruits.

The guy in the blue cap was going to be the first of these, but as things went on the opportunity to include that story element never really arose, and this guy just mutated into Wedges Nemesis. Everyone needs one after all :)

At some point I’ll probably get back to the idea of the rebels inadvertently recruiting complete idiots, but that’ll have to wait until ‘The Empire strikes back’ or possibly even ‘Return of the Jedi’