The Empire- AKA the Bad guys

From the Movies-

The Emperor: Chief bad guy, sith lord and general Ne’er-do-well. Has crushed his enemies and manipulated himself into a position of absolute power. He aims to keep it that way.

Grand Moff Tarkin: One of the Empires chief strategists and highest ranking officials. In the films he died with the first Death star, but with no death star this time around he’s likely to be with us a lot longer.

General Veers: One of the empires top ground commanders. He’s particularly fond of heavily armoured walking tanks.

Darth Vader: If you don’t know who HE is, what the hell are you doing here? Ask around, look him up. He’s off hunting down any remaining Jedi when our story begins.

Senator Binks: Although Binks isn’t actually evil, far from it in fact, he’s such a bumbling idiot that Palpatine has been able to effortlessly manipulate him to do his bidding for decades now. Jar-jar shows no signs of wising up in the near future.

Endless legions of imperial troops: AKA disposable Cannon Fodder

Clones: AKA even more disposable cannon fodder.

Captain Needa: Star destroyer captain. Regularly fails to stop people escaping.


From the Expanded Universe-

Mara Jade: The emperors hand. Force sensitive Assassin, messenger and spy. Palpatines top operative.

Ysanne Isard:  Head of imperial intelligence. Ruthless, dedicated, and completely immoral she will do whatever it takes to ensure imperial supremacy, as well as her own position.  Oh yes and at times she’s dangerously close to being insane. This is not a good combination.

Sate Pestage: Imperial Grand Vizar. Runs the day to day operations of the empire making him one of the most powerful men in the galaxy. He’s almost in the movies, but got edited out during script rewrites.

Vice Admiral Thrawn: The Highest ranking none human in the Imperial Navy. Thrawn is a Tactical Genius. Plus he has glowing Red eyes, so that’s kinda creepy…


The Rebels- AKA the good guys

From the Movies-

Mon Mothma: Co-Leader of the rebel alliance. With the emperors recent discovery of her role as a rebel ringleader she’s been forced to abandon her position in the senate and now leads rebel forces from the command and control frigate Liberator.

Bail Organa: Princess Leias adopted father and co-leader of the rebel alliance.

Commodore Ackbar: A recent recruit for the rebels Ackbar has been rapidly rising through the ranks thanks to his expertise in military tactics. Perhaps a little paranoid though. He seem to think almost everything is a trap.

General Rieekan: One of Bail Organas most trusted military advisors. And one of the founding members of the rebel alliance.

Princess Leia: Adopted Daughter of Bail Organa. When Bail Organa’s role in the rebellion was discovered he was forced to flee leaving Leia to take up his seat in the Senate. Now she must serve as the Rebels eyes and ears in the corridors of power whilst attempting to deflect suspicion that she is also a member of the rebellion.

C3PO: He’s a very fussy stressed out protocol droid who just wants a quite life. There’s little chance of that happening.

The Rebels: Hailing from all walks of life they have only one thing in mind: Bring down the empire and restore the Galactic republic. It won’t be easy.

Red squadron: Headed by Wedge Antilles, This is the rebel alliances elite X-wing fighter squadron.

R2D2: Wedge Antilles Astromech droid.  He’s certainly had a lively career.

Luke Skywalker: Farm boy from Tatooine, with a seriously messed up family. Bet you can’t guess who his dad will turn out to be.

Ben Kenobi: One of the last surviving Jedi. Has spent most of the last 20 years in hiding on Tatooine, keeping an eye on someone who might one day become very important.

Yoda: Last Jedi Grand master. He’s spent most of the last 20 years hiding in a swamp. The time must have flown by.


From the Expanded Universe-

Garm Bel iblis: Co leader of the rebel Alliance. Former Senator for Corellia, a brilliant military strategist.

General Cracken: Head of Alliance intelligence. Technically he IS in the movies (seriously check the Return of the Jedi credits), He’s one of the background rebel characters in Return of the Jedi, but since he’s got no real lines, I’ve classed him as an EU character

Winter: Winter is one of those EU characters who ‘just happened to not be around at the moment’ during the events of the films.  She’s Princess Leia’s best friend and aide. She’s also a damn good intelligence agent on the side.

Pash Cracken: Top A-wing pilot and General Crackens Son.

Borsk Fey’lya: Bothan Senator, and political schemer. He’s basically on the side of the rebels, but with friends like this, who needs enemies?

Judder Page: Seriously? Judder? What the hell were his parents thinking? Ahem. Anyway Lt Page is a commando in the Alliance Army. Crack special forces type. Like General Cracken he actually is in Return of the Jedi, but you’d never know it without careful scrutiny of the credits.


Unaffiliated Characters

These guys might be leaning one way or the other in the war, but for now are mostly on their own side.

From the Movies-

The Bounty hunters: Boba Fett, Dengar, IG88, Bossk and others. Lurking on the fringes of civilized space these guys will work for just about anyone if the money is right. They don’t talk much but are VERY good at lurking in the background in a faintly sinister way.

Han Solo: A Smuggler and captain of the Millennium Falcon, Possibly the fastest ship in the galaxy.

Chewbacca: Co-pilot of the millennium Falcon.

Lando Calrissian: One time smuggler and has recently (somewhat earlier then before) become Baron Administrator of Cloud City.

Lobot: Administrator Calrissians Right hand man.

Jabba the Hutt: Hutt Crime lord. Has a bewildering array of Monsters that he likes to feed his enemies to.


From the Expanded Universe-

Talon Karrde: Leader of a powerful smuggling organization. Commands the “Wild Karrde”. He may be a smuggler by trade but Karrdes true love is information.

Karrdes Crew: Ghent- Slicer (hacker) extraordinaire. Aves: Karrdes helmsman and second in command, Dankin: Sensor and comms officer.

Sentepeth Findos: Viceroy of the Trade federation. Although the remnants of the trade federation are theoretically now entirely under imperial control making Sentepeth an imperial official (and puppet). That doesn’t mean he’s happy with the situation and doesn’t have plans to change things.